Wife likes to watch black web

Yet sometimes the couple lay together, I suggested opening the movie, the wife said she did not like it (I kept pretending to not know).

My wife and I are 34 years old, have a baby boy and have been married for 4 years, a stable job, decent houses. My wife is excellent, both internal and external relations are good, only one thing I do not know whether I should tell my wife or not. My wife and I got along well in sex, but sometimes I went to my wife's phone and showed me a black movie page. After each viewing, my wife just turned off the page but did not know how to turn off the diary.

How should I say now to my wife from embarrassment? To tell the truth, I was very open-minded, it didn't matter much, sometimes I wanted to see it with my wife but she kept pushing me here. Will my wife see if it's alright, please get everyone's opinion.