The perfect father in his eyes has a shady relationship

How can a relationship say: "I miss you" and my father still remembers her red light.

I have a perfect father. In my eyes, dad is a funny person, loves his mother, loves his family. For me, dad is pride. I always show off to my friends, to everyone that I have a great dad. I grew up in that happiness and pride. To you, betraying your family, adultery is the most terrifying thing in the world. I always tell my lover that way. I will never forgive adultery. I wish to have a husband like father. Then I discovered my dad's message with another woman. She told me if my dad was angry when I saw her but she was busy and other.

Reading the text, I cried like crazy, thinking about my mother. I am typing these words with trembling hands. One child discovered how much his father was adultery and pain. I kept crying, my dad went to play the ball, and I felt so panicked and asked me why I was crying. Perhaps you have never cried like that. I left out, right there. I wandered on the road, hoping only a car would crash. I don't want to think about it, so tired. I walked to where my mom was working, sat across from me and cried again. Wait for mom to finish, 2 mother and son go home. I did not say anything, went to bed.

I took my clothes out of the house, told my mom that I went to my friend's house for a week. Now I can't eat and see my father. Every time I think of those messages, I'm exhausted. I can't confide in anyone so I am stuck. Should I text her, who is married? Hope everyone give me advice. Sincere thanks.


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