The mother-in-law slandered her husband and her husband for adultery to hide the hidden things

Mother-in-law once committed adultery not only twice but twice, causing debt to her husband's family twice.

The mother-in-law was too resigned when her father-in-law persecuted her 60
I am the daughter-in-law in the article: My mother-in-law is too resigned to be persecuted by my father-in-law. If I had known why he did it, I wouldn't have written on the previous article. I really appreciate the comments from readers. Among the many comments, I was most impressed by a friend who said: You will never understand the feelings of those who always go to other people's mistakes. I think that's the key point and the reason why turning a husband from a person when awake is so kind to people, loving his children, working hard, to being a man when he's drunk bouncing, spiteful. The mother-in-law is the root cause of this story, it is getting worse to this day.

The father-in-law is generous, selfless, taking the debt to have a spacious car and house like today. The fact that my mother-in-law had an affair, I saw a text message from her husband asking the other man to let go of my family, but in response to that message, "Please tell your mother to stop first." This story has been happening for nearly 10 years, every village knows, even my sister-in-law's mother knows. As of now, it's over or not I'm not sure. The wrong people often cover up and make up stories to cover up their mistakes and shortcomings. She made up the story of my husband having an affair.

My cousin-in-law, my mother-in-law, frequented a few years ago, who intends to bait my father-in-law. Whether they have an affair or not and what level I do not know, everything is only told from the mouth of the mother-in-law, but the evidence is not. Yesterday, the mother-in-law reported the loss of a red bra. She said she saw her daughter-in-law wear (this person's house is near my home). The mother-in-law said the father-in-law took her bra for the girl to wear. Husband and wife are shocked by the insult of honor and self-respect. My husband and I asked Mom to give evidence. Mom said she spent two hours looking for it but couldn't find any evidence. I told my mom not to lose my wife because of losing clothes.

I used to sell all the gold jewelry rings of dowry to pay debts to my mother-in-law (she used to trick me once to borrow gold and told me not to let my husband know, but he knew and asked her to return it), mortgage and borrowed money from relatives to pay debts to the husband's family. I don't know why there are women like mother-in-law, happy family who don't like it, like making up stories to make noise in the house. While my mother was not the first one, her father-in-law ignored and forgave. He really loves his mother, taking care of his mother better than my husband takes care of me. Even when he ate rice, he told us what moms liked to eat.

Making money in the house but my father does not keep money, all money my mother is the manager and holder, in his purse never had more than 100 thousand, try to ask if such a man has an affair is not? How can I help Mom get rid of that thought? I'm scared, it's the mother who doesn't want to get out.