My wife is upset when I leave a kiss on her neck

I was about to give a solace and receive a slap, it didn't hurt that much but it hurt my heart, really sad.

I am 30 years old, married for 3 years, with a girl of nearly 3 years old, a technical person, working in Ho Chi Minh City. My wife and I belong to the introvert, my wife works in a big corporation. Since the day she raised her salary, she always works hard for work, works much later. Since her salary is double that of technical people like me, the pressure is also high so I will be the one who will take her children to school and have lunch at home. Since then, we have had a few quarrels with each other, maybe because of the introvert, so we never let out a loud voice, we just choose the silence and the cold war starts until I admit defeat.

The time my husband and I got closer was also reduced, I did not drink alcohol so I was quite prosperous, my wife was different, just close to my husband as scheduled once a week and no longer burning as before. She used to say it was an obligation and felt pressure to do it. Two months ago, my baby dreamed of a nightmare and insisted on being in the middle of my parents, refused to sleep separately, my wife was no longer earnestly lying near her husband even though I suggested. I feel the affection of my husband and wife fade away, it seems that the wife no longer respects me. After a close relationship with my wife, I left a mark on my neck and the next morning she was annoyed, hitting me quite hard.

Aside from that, she's still a good, strong woman who doesn't do anything to me, it makes me very uncomfortable because I don't know if I'm really sentimental or selfish. Today, for the first time, I have a good idea about staying apart for a while (why we've been together for nearly 10 years). Thanks to everyone for helping me.