My wife has been nagging since I quit my job

Sometimes I say my wife gives me some money to go to coffee or to drink with friends, I will get the answer: "It's free, drinking all the time".

Read the recent confessions related to money, I find my family much more deadlock but there is no workaround. I am in middle age (a little over 50 years old), in Saigon, my children have 2 children but I am not old enough to take care of myself. Previously, I went to work as a salary, so the cost of family activities such as eating, studying, and gratitude ... did not matter much, my wife also went to work but the salary was not high. It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't quit my job due to the merger. After a period of unsuccessful job application (probably because I was an accountant and an older person), I was discouraged, staying home, of course my family lacked income (I have been at home for about 3 years) . My wife 's salary is used for the whole family so it is always stressful, the atmosphere in the family is heavy, the children go home from school to go to that kid's room, there is no interaction in the family.

My wife is no longer the same as before, ready to raise her voice and scold her husband and children for very small, sometimes objective reasons. For example, yesterday my child drove a car and had to pay a fee to pay for medicine, a car had to be repaired, his wife screamed as a poor boy, did not communicate for several days. I said it was an accident and my wife told me why I should defend her. Or like yesterday when I went downstairs to drop my phone, broke the screen to replace it, I received my wife's nagging chorus, I don't know what to say.

I did not go to work, so I realized that I could help my wife and children, such as taking my children to school (children), going to the cooking market, doing housework, but I had never seen the happy expression of my wife. While I was at home, I tried to do some miscellaneous things to increase income but failed, so I was so frustrated at home.

Thinking back to the old days, I was the breadwinner of the family, but how much money made for my wife, then accumulated to buy a house to escape from the boarding house was happier than many people already. Now looking back at myself, my situation, I was bored because I did not know how to solve the family economic problem to be happy, always stressful. My oldest child is in 12th grade, the 10th grade, there's a long way to go. Look forward to the comments of readers.