My husband was very nice when I was not sick and took care of the housework

If unfortunately I am sick, he will easily show his tired attitude when he has to take care of his wife, easily get angry with his children for saying they do not listen.

My husband and I have been married for over 10 years, having all boys and girls. Outsiders look in to see our life very full and admiring but deep down I do not think so. My husband and I knew each other when I graduated from high school, my feet and feet went dry to Saigon. I find my appearance is good, my temper is hot but kind, caring for my family and caring for my children well. Everything in the family is like rice and water, and the education of my children manages one hand. I do office work. My husband was commented gently, loving his wife and children. He is normally very good, but on the condition that I do not go on business, no illness, take care of my children, cook enough rice and water. He was scared when I had to go for a day or two.

My husband is romantic, I previously found him chatting with a girl online and meeting. Then he showed his fault so I forgave. In the process of living together, we disagree quite a lot, he repeatedly said hurt and heavily offended me. Many times I suggest breaking up. He took the initiative to make up, apologized and then considered nothing happened. I love my husband and children so I also ignored the feelings gradually cooled. Recently I know he texted back and forth with his ex, according to him, it was just a texting message, mainly because the other girl was active, nothing. He said he did nothing wrong and I was jealous. I discovered and monitored for 3 weeks but could not read the message because the password was constantly changed. I felt very disappointed and considered divorce.

My husband and I have been married for 11 years but in fact we only shared the first year, the reason is not arguing but because we divide each person to sleep with one child but still in the same room. The other is mainly due to his initiative, and I am not because of the lack of affection. Having experienced so many things, I no longer have feelings for my husband, only consider him as a friend, my brother, completely devoid of love; if you have me, it is okay not to have. I am financially independent so I can take care of 2 children but my husband still loves me and doesn't want to lose my family. People give me advice should I straighten this matter with my husband and both deliver each other or just endure silently?