My husband betrayed me and blamed me for not caring

Now he said he did not go back to them anymore, before just going to the motel with them and not loving him.

I'm 38 years old, married and 2 kids. I go to work regularly to have money to support my family, my children to study, so I am somewhat older than my age. My husband used to go to work in the past, and when I gave birth to my brother, I took care of my children so that I could go to work. The housework and housework are mostly done by me, I just do it again when he is not neat. Life goes by like that, sometimes I'm sad and suddenly compare why their friends are happy, worried by their husbands, not working to make money. Then it occurred to me that God did not give anyone anything so he accepted his current life and went to work as usual.

Now the older children, the husband also works but his salary is small, enough for him to spend and eat is enough, for his wife. I never thought my husband would betray me. Then one day, he gave me a phone number and told to call. I asked whom, he did not say. I thought and called to know it was his girl. They knew each other, he said 3 months. He said that because he was so thirsty, he went away, the other had a husband and children and was not happy. I was curious, or considered his social network but never found anything. For about 3 weeks now, he often doesn't eat meals with his family. After he finished working and finished cooking, my mother and father ate, he said tired, went to coffee or upstairs to check the phone and ate after everyone went to bed. There were a few times he also ate meals together but after 10 pm he went out again until near the morning. I asked, he said go see football.

Going back to work all day tired, then worried about eating and drinking, children finished school, my mother went to sleep, my husband kept watching the phone, when the whole family fell asleep, I went to sleep. One day, then a week, a month passed like that. That's why he said I don't need him so he has to look outside. Should I believe it to be true and accept my return?