Married for nearly 3 years, my wife let me "love" several times

I am afraid that one day I will not be able to control and do foolish things, the results will be worse.

I'm over 30 years old, my wife is 2 years younger. After 8 years of love we moved to marriage. I have a good need for sex, but I've always lived up to the standards and morals so far, don't go beyond what the limits do not allow, not promiscuous, not girls, it should be added that I do not smoke medicine, alcohol or gambling. I find myself a loyal person, very respectful of others, never do things that the opponent does not like or in the form of coercion, paternalism. I know how to cook and like to share housework with my wife. Of course, I am not a rich man, making good money, according to people around me, I "earn enough, there is a little surplus". My family currently has only 2 spouses so it is not a heavy economic problem.

I was judged to be "gentle, too sentimental and sentimental", 8 years we have known each other many times we are going to "eat rice in front of guys", but my wife now always knows how to stop in time, I think. is a good quality (maybe she wants to preserve for her husband). I treasured her and decided to get married even though my wife was clumsy in the housework. Like many other grooms, I am eagerly looking forward to their first wedding night, but my wife is very good at evading and lowering my husband's feelings. The problem also arises from here.

Because of the need and the lack of harmony in bed, we often opaque, quarrel, even in the smallest matters. When the physiological needs are not relieved, plus the pressure of work makes men irritable and uncomfortable like "women to the day". I repeatedly tried to suggest with words and actions to make my wife understand that we need to find a solution to the couple, not the current "fasting cat". I found out that my wife not only did not like and also hated sex, sometimes she pampered me, so I was grateful and grateful to her. I always try to make up for it by sharing housework, preparing rice for my wife from hard work, on the other hand, I find the cause of my wife's "hate love" disease but the wife is always closed, on the contrary, she is also angry. , yelling every time I suggest sharing. I was helpless. Since then I have always been in a mysterious and uncomfortable state, although many times I have found solutions such as: suggesting to my wife by hand, so that nothing is achieved, wife does not like to do.

I don't force anyone, once she protests I won't force it, that's why I have to handle myself. Married about 2 years and 8 months but the number of times "love" of the couple could not count even one hand. Currently, I have been noticed by a colleague and also expressed my feelings many times in a discreet way, and still love my wife, so I avoid her colleagues. Many times collapsed and stressed, I want to free the couple because we both do not have children, not much attachment, but I fear my wife collapsed, unable to withstand, my wife is very fragile and weak . If it continues like this, young people over 30 years old like me are very upset, that is not counting children.

Please give me your opinion, what to do to be able to get along with my wife, or at least alleviate the situation of physiological imbalance. Do I detest seeking prostitutes or other dark services, or should I break up with my wife? Thank you for reading this article.