I was mad because my husband bought a sample camera

Everything in the house, taking care of the children, he left me alone, ignoring my feelings, and he went to take samples, even shooting nuys.

My husband and I have been married for 16 years, have 2 sons, if counting the time of love is 24 years. When they first fell in love and got married, the husband and wife struggled to raise their children, the salary was only enough if they were frugal, life was still happy. Every day we go to work, we take our children on weekends, sometimes travel a few times a year. I find life so fulfilling, no blame for anything. 5 years ago, her husband bought a modern camera and started a tragedy from here. Every weekend, he took his camera to take a picture, at first he took a photo of a colleague, then came to the sample, now he also follows the tours of the forums to take a sample of 2-3 days and culminates in shooting nuy. The husband and wife cause each other countless times because of this passion of him.

I do not know what the feelings of husbands, do you think we are superheroes, have no passion for what? The passions that cause harm to the family are we ignore, why aren't husbands like that? I am really depressed because if I discovered this passionate husband since falling in love, I would not have agreed to marry him. Thanks to VnExpress message to my husband: "Honey, if you feel your passion is too great, the hobby of seeing the body of a woman not so much of your wife, you should free each other. I will live full of my passion, I don't have to suffer because I have to fight every three times, there are many beautiful things out there, I don't want to bind you and I don't want to I have so much frustration. I'm really depressed, now I just want to take care of making money to support my two children to study well. " Thanks a lot.