I like my roommate who can't say it

You cook alone, do not work with me but invite other room friends, not paying attention to me.

I am 25 years old, studying as an engineer in Japan with a one year transfer visa. We rent a whole house, in many people. I was staying with a roommate of the same age as us, we were in bunk beds. I like you but I can't say it because you only like women. My life is always in negative emotions, love but can not express. From the perspective of two roommates, she doesn't consider me a friend even though she doesn't know I'm in love, doesn't know I'm gay.

I am sensitive, living together I know you are selfish, sometimes I am learning you turn on loud music, watch movies and many other things. As for me, I do not think anything about you, so I cannot focus on studying or working part time. Now this side has assigned a house under the company so it cannot be changed or moved. At this rate my future doesn't know where to go anymore. Sometimes I think I don't know what I'm living for. If there is a male and female couple love, why not let me love someone who can speak it out. Is there any way for me not to think about her and study hard? Please help me. Sincere thanks.