I helped a colleague who was told something bad about my back

She always said thank you but said she was mean to me, saying that I had bad sentences.

I have worked at this company for 5 years, my female colleague has worked for 2 years, my boss has worked for 3 years. The boss is often on business, everything at the company is through the secretary. My colleague and I just worked on each other. The other day we felt uncomfortable about the way the other party worked, but I did not do it and did it even though it was her duty. I was told a three-sided meeting from my boss because he heard that I said something bad about her. I remember, do it for now but now was said badly. I presented the whole thing, not knowing if your boss believed it or not, because at that time, the boss was busy visiting customers, and we would meet again tomorrow to close the matter. What do I have to do now?


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