I have no intention of getting my billions back when I have divided my boyfriend

The ability to earn even more than that, part of it was worth the people who had gone through hard times with me.

I split billions with my business boyfriend, hoping that he would be independent 184
I am the author of the article: "I split billions with my business boyfriend to be independent." I read everyone's comments, even read them over and over again. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and multi-dimensional views on this issue. Once again, I hope that everyone will take some time to read everything I supplement and give me the most objective view.

I am 26 years old, year of the Rooster, people often say that girls of this age are very happy, maybe so I was a little lucky in business. My job has been growing for 4-5 years and my profits have been steadily increasing, I am planning to buy some houses and for rent to create a stable cash flow before I am 30 years old. That said, so that everyone can understand my every step is calculated and this is a sustainable, clean job, without any guarantee. He is 2 years older than me, gentle, hard-working. When I was working part-time job, wherever he took me, I probably forgot how to ride a motorbike now. His lending is due to the acquaintance of his friends, to business people on projects, lacking immediate capital, not killing gangsters.

I used to think that if he didn't make much money, I let him help with his business. I tried everything but the result was still 0. When I arranged the position of customer consultant via computer, he talked and played the game, said a sentence and then finished playing and then returning. I have suggested many times that I do not like the way to work through such speakers, focus on my work, then do whatever I want to do. Many times I realized that he could not be changed, so he arranged for him to deliver goods. The specificity of my goods is quite big and bulky, under the sun of Saigon I cannot accept it. My work is more developed, most delivery by tricycles or trucks. One day, he handed over one or two applications and then played games, talked and shared a lot, but I was not discouraged.

So I just gave him the money he had to expect him to be independent. I once said that if you like games like that, make money with the game, or if you have any passion I support. When I was angry, he went to learn how to sell coffee, restaurants ..., and after only a few months, if I didn't push, everything would be back in the past. When I wrote the previous article, it was really deadlock because there was no one to share. I have very few friends because in the difficult time my friends invited me to go for milk tea or coffee, I refused. I always thought that the money could be eaten for a day, so I always calculated the expenses for myself. With the money I gave you, I really have no intention of getting it back. A few more share wishes to send to the readers. Sincere thanks.