Husband seeking beautiful girls confided while still happy with me

I am completely innocent when I return to be your wife.

I am 32 years old, every day I read the thoughts of my friends and I think if I ever fall into one of the cases here, I am really confused today, thanks to everyone for advice.

My husband and I are high school classmates, each of them has their own job and each has a lover, sometimes the two of them meet to talk about sadness and joy. Then one day the two parted lovers, came together with understanding and sincere love with empty hands. A cozy wedding took place with the blessings of everyone. Time passed by 7 years, our little boy was 5 years old. I trust him absolutely.

Yesterday did not know how unlucky heaven made me on his profile. I have never done it before. When I entered, I discovered he talked with many girls, mostly beautiful girls, taking sexy pictures. The conversations just stopped at asking and exchanging questions, interested in eating and drinking, asking for the address of the house ..., there was no words of love, nor did we see the exchange of phone numbers, texting and chatting. delete conversation now. That night I could not sleep, wondering if I had done anything wrong but the answer was no.

I asked him directly if he was lacking in emotions, or did I do anything to disappoint him. The answer I received was "Just talking like that, no matter what, trust me." Is this the seed for out-streamers? What should I do? Should I change myself to be sexy like those girls? My appearance is quite good, not bad but of course not as young and fresh as a twenty girl. I kept wondering in my heart, not knowing what to do now.