Future female lawyer looking for the same person named on the 7 red books

As a future female lawyer, I am willing to love you with my cold head and my warm heart.

To you, my future father Saigon is polluted recently, I sit looking out the white moon window and quietly dream about my Dalat dream, find a suitable mind, build a small homestay on the hillside, raise fish to grow raw vegetables peace of mind for a lifetime. Yet, 25 pots of banh chung and I still haven't found you. Introduce me a little bit: I, although not as beautiful and trendy as many other girls, have a beautiful soul that is second to none.

No need you to be handsome, stylish, just be loyal to me, be with you without being directed to any other girl (or boy). In addition, I need you to know about time, the perception of time, do not let me wait even during any appointment. Whether it's the first time we meet shyly, or the next meeting is passionate. Bro, if you accidentally read these lines, look to me, be the only man named on the 7 red books with me. Love you, who I have not met.

Rachel Chung