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I was mad because my husband bought a sample camera

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Everything in the house, taking care of the children, he left me alone, ignoring my feelings, and he went to take samples, even shooting nuys.

My husband and I have been married for 16 years, have 2 sons, if counting the time of love is 24 years. When they first fell in love and got married, the husband and wife struggled to raise their children, the salary was only enough if they were frugal, life was still happy. Every day we go to work, we take our children on weekends, sometimes travel a few times a year. I find life so fulfilling, no blame for anything. 5 years ago, her husband bought a modern camera and started a tragedy from here. Every weekend, he took his camera to take a picture, at first he took a photo of a colleague, then came to the sample, now he also follows the tours of the forums to take a sample of 2-3 days and culminates in shooting nuy. The husband and wife cause each other countless times because of this passion of him.

I do not know what the feelings of husbands…

I have proof that my wife often secretly gives money to my grandmother

I was really sad because my first wife laid her knees over my face, lying like that.

I'm 40 years old, my wife is less than 5 years old, I have two children. We had houses and our economy was not abundant, but it was not bad. I am very clear about money. Previously, the money paid for both sides of my family and my husband and I were both fair and public. Recently my wife has been stealthily giving money to the foreign currency without telling me. I don't regret what my wife did but at least she had to say. Last time I discovered and had enough evidence but did not want to say, then there was a 2nd, 3rd time, the next time I also have enough evidence. What I have to do? Hope you read please help me.


Married for nearly 3 years, my wife let me "love" several times

I am afraid that one day I will not be able to control and do foolish things, the results will be worse.

I'm over 30 years old, my wife is 2 years younger. After 8 years of love we moved to marriage. I have a good need for sex, but I've always lived up to the standards and morals so far, don't go beyond what the limits do not allow, not promiscuous, not girls, it should be added that I do not smoke medicine, alcohol or gambling. I find myself a loyal person, very respectful of others, never do things that the opponent does not like or in the form of coercion, paternalism. I know how to cook and like to share housework with my wife. Of course, I am not a rich man, making good money, according to people around me, I "earn enough, there is a little surplus". My family currently has only 2 spouses so it is not a heavy economic problem.

I was judged to be "gentle, too sentimental and sentimental", 8 years we have known each other many times we are going to &…

The mother-in-law slandered her husband and her husband for adultery to hide the hidden things

Mother-in-law once committed adultery not only twice but twice, causing debt to her husband's family twice.

The mother-in-law was too resigned when her father-in-law persecuted her 60
I am the daughter-in-law in the article: My mother-in-law is too resigned to be persecuted by my father-in-law. If I had known why he did it, I wouldn't have written on the previous article. I really appreciate the comments from readers. Among the many comments, I was most impressed by a friend who said: You will never understand the feelings of those who always go to other people's mistakes. I think that's the key point and the reason why turning a husband from a person when awake is so kind to people, loving his children, working hard, to being a man when he's drunk bouncing, spiteful. The mother-in-law is the root cause of this story, it is getting worse to this day.

The father-in-law is generous, selfless, taking the debt to have a spacious car and house like today. The fact that …

I helped a colleague who was told something bad about my back

She always said thank you but said she was mean to me, saying that I had bad sentences.

I have worked at this company for 5 years, my female colleague has worked for 2 years, my boss has worked for 3 years. The boss is often on business, everything at the company is through the secretary. My colleague and I just worked on each other. The other day we felt uncomfortable about the way the other party worked, but I did not do it and did it even though it was her duty. I was told a three-sided meeting from my boss because he heard that I said something bad about her. I remember, do it for now but now was said badly. I presented the whole thing, not knowing if your boss believed it or not, because at that time, the boss was busy visiting customers, and we would meet again tomorrow to close the matter. What do I have to do now?


Husband seeking beautiful girls confided while still happy with me

I am completely innocent when I return to be your wife.

I am 32 years old, every day I read the thoughts of my friends and I think if I ever fall into one of the cases here, I am really confused today, thanks to everyone for advice.

My husband and I are high school classmates, each of them has their own job and each has a lover, sometimes the two of them meet to talk about sadness and joy. Then one day the two parted lovers, came together with understanding and sincere love with empty hands. A cozy wedding took place with the blessings of everyone. Time passed by 7 years, our little boy was 5 years old. I trust him absolutely.

Yesterday did not know how unlucky heaven made me on his profile. I have never done it before. When I entered, I discovered he talked with many girls, mostly beautiful girls, taking sexy pictures. The conversations just stopped at asking and exchanging questions, interested in eating and drinking, asking for the address of the house ..., there was no words of lo…

Wife likes to watch black web

Yet sometimes the couple lay together, I suggested opening the movie, the wife said she did not like it (I kept pretending to not know).

My wife and I are 34 years old, have a baby boy and have been married for 4 years, a stable job, decent houses. My wife is excellent, both internal and external relations are good, only one thing I do not know whether I should tell my wife or not. My wife and I got along well in sex, but sometimes I went to my wife's phone and showed me a black movie page. After each viewing, my wife just turned off the page but did not know how to turn off the diary.

How should I say now to my wife from embarrassment? To tell the truth, I was very open-minded, it didn't matter much, sometimes I wanted to see it with my wife but she kept pushing me here. Will my wife see if it's alright, please get everyone's opinion.